The differences of hearing protectors

The differences of hearing protectors

The differences of hearing protectors


There are many different types of hearing protectors on the market. Many people don't know what kind of hearing protectors to choose for the first time and often buy one that is not suitable for them. Each type of hearing protectors have its own specific qualities.


Foam earplugs:

Foam earplugs are the most common type. These foam earplugs are for single use. Compared with other materials, foam earplugs have high noise reduction. And its price is relatively cheap. You roll the earplug between your fingers to make it as small as possible; then you put the earplug in your ear. 


Silicone earplugs:

Silicone earplugs are made of moldable silicone material. These can be kneaded into different shapes to fit different sizes ear canal. Silicone earplugs are waterproof. Suit for swimming, showering. But its noise reduction effect is not as good as the foam earplugs.


Concert earplugs:

Concert earplugs often have a filter. The filters ensure attenuation of harmful noise, but make communication possible. Suit for concerts, music festivals, musicians. They can be reused and are more environmentally friendly than foam earplugs. The main disadvantage of these is that they only have a slight noise reduction.



This type of hearing protection is often used in construction or industrial companies and also very popular in the shooting sport. Of course, there are also special earmuffs for baby or children who wish to learn in a focused manner. Earmuffs are really good hearing protection to protect against potential hearing damage.


You can choose the right hearing protector according to your own situation.

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