Swimming Earplugs

Swimming Earplugs

Earplugs for swimming

Swimming is a very popular sport and is loved by many people. Swimming pools and equipment can be found everywhere. Do you go swimming regularly? What’s your swimming equipment?


Regular physical activity can ensure our physical health, but any physical activity can also have risks. Swimming has a lower chance of injury compared to other on-land activities. However, human beings can incur some damage from regular exposure to water. The most common one is swimmer’s ear.


Whats Swimmers Ear?

Swimmer's ear, which has the medical name of otitis externa, is an infection in your eacanal. When we are swimming, the natural ear wax has been washed away and then the excess water in the ear canal creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The outer ear canal then becomes infected. It can even lead to mild hearing loss, severe pain, and fever.

We need to keep our ears as dry as possible. Tilt your head in both directions after swimming to drain off any trapped water. Then dry your outer ear with a towel. It's better to keep water out of your ears while you're swimming. This is where earplugs for swimming are used.

LYSIAN silicone earplugs can prevent water from entering you ear. This will be helpful to prevent ear infection. Suit for swimming and some other water sports. The earplugs are soft, even for sensitive ears, which can help you enjoy swimming better.


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