Earmuffs--A pair of the hearing protectors are a must

Earmuffs--A pair of the hearing protectors are a must

Why do I need to use earmuffs for noise reduction?


In addition to a wide variety of ear plugs, ear muffs are the most common.  According to the survey, exposure to noise louder than 70 dB for extended periods can cause hearing damage. Meanwhile, noise that’s above 120 dB is enough to cause immediate damage to a person’s ears. Especially for babies, the baby's ears are very fragile. Parents must pay more attention to protect their ears. Wearing earmuffs is also a good way.


LYSIAN noise reduction earmuffs

Earmuffs for Baby

LYSIAN focuses on hearing protection for adult and kids with a complete and mature industry chain, specializes in design and production control. According to statistics, In childhood, 2 /1000 to 3/1000 children have acquired hearing problem or even permanent hearing loss, and many are at risk for sensory neural hearing loss due to overexposure to noise or head injuries. LYSIAN baby earmuffs are designed for babies and toddlers of age 3 months to 36 months. The material is soft and comfortable, and will not cause pressure on the head, which is very suitable for babies with fragile heads.



Earmuffs for Adults

LYSIAN folded noise reduction earmuffs has great noise which can isolate most of the noise--SNR 31dB. Great for shooting, workshop, construction. Ear muffs are made of POM material headband with small holes and smooth artificial leather material. Give you a comfortable and breathable experience.

Here's a tip on how to wear it. Use in combination with earplugs to increases noise attenuation.


If you daily exposure to loud sounds, a pair of the hearing protectors are a must.

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