Do you wear earplugs while riding a motorcycle?

Do you wear earplugs while riding a motorcycle?

The coolness of the breeze, the excitement of speed, the freedom of riding...

Are these reasons why you like to ride a motorcycle?


More than other projects, motorcycle riding is a project full of excitement and can bring a different feeling. But motorcycle riding is also more dangerous than other driving, and more attention should be paid to protective measures. For example: observe the weather before riding, bad weather is not allowed for motorcycle riding and make sure that your motorcycle is safe. Another point is to protect your ears.


Protecting your ears

Many people forget to protect their ears during a ride. But actually when the wind enters your helmet, it can cause very serious damage to your ears. Many people don't know this. When the sound exceeds 85 decibels it can cause damage to your hearing. When your speed reaches 100 km/h, it is already about 94 decibels, which can cause serious damage to your hearing. So when you are riding a motorcycle, make sure you wear earplugs to protect your hearing. If you don't wear earplugs, your ears will be prone to tinnitus. Not only can you keep your hearing from being damaged, but you can also be more focused and alert.


Lysian foam earplugs and silicone earplugs all suit for motorcycle riding. They all have high noise reduction and can meet the needs of noise reduction in different occasions, which can help you enjoy the motorcycles. Be sure to protect yourself very well!


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