Concerts earplugs--More music, less noise

Concerts earplugs--More music, less noise


Do you often go to concerts? Or are you a musician? Do you wear earplugs to concerts?

You may have a situation like this. When you attend a concert, the noise around you makes it impossible for you to enjoy the music. Or when you are playing an instrument, the noise around you makes it impossible for you to concentrate on your practice.

If you have these questions, you should consider LYSIAN concert earplugs. Our earplugs protect you from the noise that you could enjoy music.


Whats the concert earplugs?

LYSIAN concert earplugs have high-fidelity filters that effectively filter out ambient noise and retain high quality music. Great for musicians, DJs, orchestra class, music festival attendees, concert attendees. The earplugs with noise reduction filter, really gives it a deep bass expression, treble shock.

An earplug should sound good, protect your ears, and be comfortable. LYSIAN concert earplugs have an ergonomic design to snugly fit your ear canal. The special shape of the earplug fits in the ear canal, providing great comfort and no worrying about falling out. You can enjoy the joy of the music comfortably. And the earplugs should be very easy to put in your ear. You should also be able to take it out with minimal effort. 

It also has a special design. There is a delicate aluminum bottle, it is easy and convenient to carry at everywhere.



If you want to wear noise blocking headphones to concerts, we recommend that you choose our high fidelity earplugs. They’re discrete, block a lot of sound, and help you enjoy your music.


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